The Pie Store would love to help with your next fundraising project!

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We’ve developed a fundraising strategy using a standard line of our frozen pies that is sure to net your organization a healthy profit.  Our pies almost sell themselves!
In addition to great products, we’ve streamlined the ordering process to help you deliver the products as quickly and efficiently as possible.
We would be honoured to be a part of your next fundraising effort.  Several organizations have taken advantage of this process to great success.
For more information about our fundraising process or for references, please contact Ken or Lois Dyck.
We look forward to working with you!

Read what a few of our fundraising customers have to say about their experience . . .

Anonymous Toaster, The Lethbridge Herald, December 17th, 2012
“I would like to thank Lois at Sunrise Berry Farms, for handling such a big order so well. It couldn’t have been easy and we appreciate all the effort you put into making our order. Plus, the pies are amazingly good!”

Mme Sylvie – French Immersion Kindergarten, École Agnes Davidson School
“Wow! I know that I speak for the kindergarten teachers from my school when I say that working with Lois from Sunrise Berry Farms has been extremely successful. The fundraising process was very easy and required a minimum time commitment with no fuss. We sent home the information, collected the orders, handed everything to Lois and she did the rest. Parents picked up their orders from the store. We enjoyed the extra income for special activities as well as the compliments concerning the quality of the product from parents. Good pies, good work. Thank you Lois!”

Pam Kaytor – LFSC Synchronized Skating Fundraising coordinator
“The Sunrise Berry Farms fundraiser was hassle free and provided great pies at a reasonable price. The fruit and meat pies are delicious, and are great quick meals for families on the go. My kids love the individual meat and fruit pies. Once the group order was placed, delivery was timely. Our Synchronized Skating group has done this fundraiser for the past 3 years and look forward to continuing this fundraiser in up coming years. Thanks Lois and staff of Sunrise Berry Farms.”

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