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It’s something we all look forward to!! A new creation steps forth, tempting our taste buds in delicious ways.  Check back regularly to discover what’s new, or become a Rewards Program member and we’ll email you the info, VIP style, before these pies even hit the oven!  Remember, if you like what you see and want one for yourself, they sell fast – consider calling ahead with an order to ensure you get one! 403.381.7329  Available Friday’s @ The Pie Store, as well as Saturday’s @ the Lethbridge Farmers Market, when in season (click here to find these locations)…

CURRENT FEATURE PIE: Chocolate Mint Cheesecake

Silky smooth mint cheesecake atop an Oreo crumb crust with chocolate drizzle, a dollop of real whipped cream and a peppermint chocolate square.

If that’s not enough, we want to once again honour the many requests we’ve had to include a *No Gluten Added version of this pie. UPON REQUEST ONLY, the Oreo crust will be replaced with a cocoa almond crust and must be ordered ahead.  Needless to say, this needs to be at your Christmas dinner, Christmas work party, Ugly Sweater party, New Years Eve bash, New Years Day bash and every occasion in between!!!

*We’d like to remind our Celiac customers that although our “No gluten added” pies do not have any ingredients containing gluten, our facility is not “Gluten Free” and therefor we cannot label our pies as such.

Available Friday’s only, at the Pie Store (9:00-5:00).
Please order in advance to ensure availability: 403-381-7329

Available in both 4″ for $5.00 and 9″ for $18.

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